A Giant Pile of Junk

“Animating female characters are extremely difficult. They have to go through a range of emotions, and having a film with two female characters and building distinguishing aspects was hard.” — Michael Lee on animating Frozen.

Because, obviously, women are SO different from men! Men are meant to be serious and stoic and never show any emotion and never be interesting! Women have all these mysterious things that they do with their faces that men never understand and could never fully capture!

It’s not like they’re both humans! And you could never have a masculine woman! Just like you could never have a feminine man!

I don’t care if a cast is predominately one gender or the other—two of my own personal stories have very male-heavy casts. But with bullshit excuses like this, I want to punch things. This is a company that has been producing dynamic female characters since the the 1930’s! 

Apparently, they’re no longer teaching basic character design in the first years of animation programs anymore. None of them can look up a freaking DEVIANTART TUTORIAL ON DYNAMIC CHARACTER DESIGN!



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    Sketches: Clearly the same as animating lifelike 3D models. And a whole animation degree can be replaced with a...
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    Sonicrocksmysocks aka Kylee Henke is actually the best out of those examples and doesn’t even deserve that low blow....
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    You know who would have made a good example? Monty Oum, cause he does 3D animation on a semi-professional scale. Nowhere...
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    It’s like, ok they have a point about how Disney is lazy as shit (which, historically speaking, they are, even with...
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    I have some stuff on DA [not very good, mind you, and I still have issues with hands] and I’m just LOLing at the hubris...
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    Yeah they could teach Disney how to make porn of crayola drawn Sonic the Hedgehog OCs
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    Thank you for taking one tiny piece of what I said and twisting it around to suit your needs. I referenced deviantart to...
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